Polygon Theatre

The substance of the Polygon Theatre is performing art as a professional art form. Polygon operates as a meeting place for international creative individuals, incorporating a professional theatre, a drama school and a theatre education centre offering various courses. The theatre was founded in Tallinn, Estonia, on 8 May 2008; however, it runs projects worldwide. The creative output of Polygon is immediate message transmission – as defined by Brook. The Polygon Theatre is an independent professional theatre and is always interested in both domestic and international cooperation. Polygon is also an establishing member of the Open Space Foundation. In addition, the Polygon Theatre is actively involved in theatre research. It is a member of the International Platform for Performers Training (IPPT), the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA) and the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR).

Polygon Theatre Company

Polygon Theatre School

The Polygon Theatre School is an extension of the theatre company based on a mission to offer self-improvement through the art of theatre to children, young people and adults. Rather than aiming to raise future professional actors only, the drama school’s purpose is to cultivate well-rounded and open-minded future members of society. Come as you are, everyone is welcome here! The drama school teaches mainly the Stanislavskian acting and directing, combined with impro and physical theatre, as well as voice, body awareness and movement training. Not everyone has to necessarily become a professional actor, however, through its professional approach rooted in self-improvement, it certainly offers a good basis for a future acting career. The drama school faculty members have professional theatre education and many of them hold an academic degree. All teachers are practitioners themselves and are involved in professional creative processes daily.

Polygon Training

Tamur gave his first lectures to the students of Tallinn University (Estonia, EU) in 1998. This could be considered as a starting point for Polygon Performative Trainings. Alongside this, Tohver Studio was born in 2021, focusing more on individual development consulting, creative and executive coaching, team leading, communication consulting, and spiritual self-development practices. This knowledge has been mainly accumulated thanks to theatre education and self-cultivation practices, combined with the personal vast experience from leadership which have contributed skills such as observation, distinction, emotion guiding and inspirative integration of the above. Tamur’s mission is the opening and expanding of human ability. Tohver Studio offers a selection of various academic, creative and entrepreneurial courses supported by over 30 years of practical experience. Tohver Studio cooperates with many corporations, banks, educational establishments, and media enterprises both home and abroad. Zero Zone Praxis, the freshest science-based technique in our portfolio, is already gaining international recognition. ZZP helps you maintain focus, balance, and dissolve obstacles in various complicated situations. It helps to say in the Flow. Write!