International Platform for Performer Training 2024 Congress. Zero Zone Praxis as a Creativity Enhancement Method.
11th-14th of January 2024. Presentation and Workshop, Tampere University, FIN.
The 6th International Dance and Somatic Practices Conference 2023
14th-16th of July 2023. Presentation and Workshop, Coventry University, UK
Leadership Coaching Conference 2023 PAUSE
1st of June 2023, Zero Zone in practice. Common practice with public facilitating. Business Day Conferences, Tallinn Estonia
The S Word: Stanislavsky and Mindfulness
20th of April 2023, Presentation, Symposium @London South Bank University, UK
The first MFA degree was defended by a professional actress using ZZ praxis at daily practice, in rehearsal and at show time. This thesis confirmed ZZ efficacy in terms of Csikzentmihalyi's conditions for Flow.
5th of April 2023, @the University of Central Florida Performance Centre, US


The 1st PGR Showcase
8th -15th of March 2023. MSARC, Presentation and Workshop, K-Haus Oxford 70 @ Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Russian Connection 2023
9th of Jan -15th of Feb 2023, Stanislavski Active Analyses, Demidov, Zero Zone praxis. Workshops and production Chekhov "Cherry Orchard". Department of Media and Performance, Performing Centre, Staffordshire University, UK
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Mindfulness Conference 2022
2nd of Dec 2022, Practice with the presentation and online public facilitating. Business Day Conferences, Tallinn Estonia
Balance Awakening
Complete workshop series 19th of Jan - 9th of Feb 2022, School of Performing Arts, University of Central Florida, US
International Federation of Theatre Research 2021 in Galway, Ireland
July 2021. The third workshop of Zero Zone Praxis @IFTR Conference in Galway and worldwide

Part One

Balance Awakening

This workshop introduces Zero Zone Praxis (ZZ), especially encouraging the perceptual entering to the character, creating awareness about time and focusing and introducing different levels of consciousness to use them for more profound creation in Performing Arts.
The ZZ Praxis has three stages, two for exercises and techniques and the third is a lecture format.


The Australian Actor Training Conference 2020, International
December 2020. The second public workshop of Zero Zone Praxis.
Pilot and Case Studies 2019/2020
The pilot study and workshop @Auroville Theatre Group, India winter 2019/20. The first case study with Zero Zone Praxis @Polygon Theatre and the first show, using this praxis-Koppelmaa/Tohver "Singing Green". Second case study with Polygon Theatre School, spring and fall 2020
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Soul Fest 2019: Why Be Afraid of Fear?
August, 2019. Releasing from Fear and Inspiration Awakening. Presentation and workshop. Saaremaa, Estonia
Wellbeing Practices 2019
18th of April 2019. Zero Point in Balance. Presentation and workshop. Business Day Conferences, Tallinn Estonia

Part Two

Creating Flow

This ensuing period of the workshops could be included in the preparation of the show. The rehearsal period will deepen the practice and, therefore, the understanding of new knowledge, which increases the experience. What is learned in the workshop is used in daily rehearsals in real situations and explained accordingly. The main method for show development can be anything: spoken drama, dance, physical theatre or the fusion of all of these.

The First Stage: The Stairs

External, psychophysical.
This is a preparing level and can be used as a warm-up for rehearsal, in which a shared space will be created. It provides an embodied understanding of psychophysical insight: the tools for improving self-confidence and connection with a partner and how it works. How to create a performing flow.

The Second Stage: The Entrance

Introverted Kinaesthetic awareness in use.
This level is turning external focus (from physical doing) inward, tuning one to be more intimate, peaceful and thereby more precise, present and aware of the inner processes for differentiation and sharpening of perception.

The Third Stage: Zero Zone Dynamics

The intellectual knowledge, given in lecture-discussion mode.
While the first two levels are carried by curiosity and gradually progressing awareness, supported by personal insights private to every participant, the third level frames everything together: the reasons, the destination, the path and the result.