Tamur Tohver

'I have never had a job. I always take account of the actual possibilities. I am a realist who believes in the miracle. And sometimes I feel that there is no me– there is only the message of universal possibility, balance and goodness. No need to be scared of fear. I have reached a solution for how to deal with it. You are the message and its bearer.
Why be afraid of fear?

Hello. My name is Tamur Tohver.

In my path as a creative entrepreneur, full of experience I have done innovative and developing work with people of different ages, genders, nationalities, of various positions, incomes
and life experiences. But quick and productive, simple decisions must be made every day – when driving, taking an exam, at work duties, checking your child’s grades or whatever else.

I have realised that only the conviction of trusting our own intuition helps us overcome the hurdles that we face in life.

We know that to run a marathon we must take the first step,
but to finish, also the last one. Often things are more challenging than they look, because seemingly we have no knowledge to rely on. Learning to believe in ourselves does not necessarily take climbing Everest. No need to crush the confidence you already have.

The opposite – precisely to retain it, aided by new, supportive values and skills, we must find the strength to stay true
to ourselves in our surroundings. For this, we need to find those values and skills within ourselves and then make them visible.

Remember – if you want to stay where your friends are, socialize with them. If you wish to reach further, listen to the advice of those who are already there.

So – come!
Fear is nothing to be scared of.

Consulting and training



ZZ is a self-cultivation praxis which tackles ego-based conflicts and helps avoid stage fright manifestations. It heightens performing to the level of higher consciousness. Praxis moves beyond the closed conservative teaching and practising performing arts.

Immediate Transmission

When I was 7, my mother took me to drama school. My first collaboration with professional actors was at 13 as the lead character in the TV drama New Boy. I hold a master’s degree in performing arts and have directed over 85 productions with actors of different ages, genders, nationalities, positions, incomes, and life experiences.

For the past 13 years, we have been developing our theatre and drama school, doing various theatre courses and workshops abroad. At Polygon theatre and school, I have experienced that theatre is only – and only – conveying a message from person to person. Here, we gain knowledge from daily exploring and practising to see if a method works for us.

The vain have turned this open exchange into devoid showboating and labelled it a sophisticated art.

Theatre is not that.

Today I wish to share my experience, as I know that technical skill is often not enough. In addition to specific exercises making theatre requires a method and a system. Some predispositions will be helpful. For example, learning may be more accessible if you are younger. But it would be best if you always had background knowledge, persistence, and the ability to communicate with others, to manage well in your calling and creative tasks.

So – come!

Purposeful persistence gives creative freedom.

Since 2022, Tamur Tohver has additionally been the Faculty Scholar (Theater MA, Theater MFA, Acting Track) of the University of Central Florida College of Graduate Studies. Alongside, he is actively involved in academic research about the art of theatre as a member of the International Platform for Performers Training, Theatre and Performance Research Association and the International Federation for Theatre Research.





Tamur grew up in a block of flats that fathers built with their own hands for their families. Throughout life, everything there was done jointly, together. He spent his summers on a small island swimming in the sea and his winters skiing in the wild forest. When Tamur was seven, his mother took him to theatre school. This soon became his second home, namely through the caring and nurturing shared space. The family lived on the edge of town, where wild animals were often seen on the streets, and Tamur attended a school that had a wooden staircase and an attic. He lived in a capital city, but also like in a village. This simplicity has never left him, even though he made his professional acting debut at thirteen as the lead in the TV drama New Boy. At eighteen, Tamur Tohver had the lead role in his debut radio drama. He has spent well over half his life in rehearsal studios, acting in front of the camera or on stage, or behind the scenes holding his breath and hoping the actors do well in the show he has directed. For the audience to breathe in unison with the stage. Tamur has brought to you all the stories that matter to him, with more than five hundred actors of different gender, nationality, race, age, incomes, levels of preparation, and fame. This journey is far from being finished! Tamur has directed extensive project work and coached executive self-development. Today, Tamur Tohver is halfway through his PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University on the actor-director interrelationship and stage fright that engenders conflict and is detrimental to creativity, artistic results and health. Tamur has over eighty theatre productions in his portfolio and his second book about directing – theatre directing (the first was about directing radio drama) – is to be published soon. Never … Not ever has he placed himself at the centre of all that. Always … Not always has he known at the outset exactly why he does things in a particular way – while doing those specific things. But he has always known that it all comes back to us and takes us forward. Thank you to you–who have been doing those things with Tamur!


Currently, located in England, Tamur Tohver divides his activities between Europe, the United Kingdom, India and the United States. Before this, he gathered experience in Russia and Scandinavia. We are always the same – in our differences. We love, we hope, we believe. The idea counts, the message supports, people listen more out there, and it’s always lovely to return. What is better? We need to be understood and nurtured. To be heard. Tamur says that he has never come across a collective who were entirely pessimistic right from the outset of whatever they set out to do. People do not emigrate because of economic or climate reasons; they seek refuge to get away from other people. Both externally and internally. Away from those who set or enforce conditions on them. Tamur recommends: breathe! Let go, notice, support, encourage! Do not fear being absorbed in your activity – everything passes and comes to you. Tamur is uniting two great cultures, and through this, the ways of thinking from the East and the West. You, too, have your super-objective. You can discuss it further when you meet – in the theatre or consultation, for example. Tamur says that he learns from everyone and everything. What is broader than that, is to maintain Peace. On every level.


Tamur: So how is it here? It is just as you like it to be. Oriental tradition has two self-explanatory phenomena. These are the Teacher and the Miracle. The first does not give you the answers. Why? Because you may not accept them and that you can’t develop. The Teacher enables you to reach your insights. Through this, each discovery will be your personal Truth, dear and precious in its absoluteness. Miracle – that’s realisation. Each flash creates light and is your beacon. By abandoning external judgements, your view becomes more explicit. Time increases; sight, sense and understanding are sharpened. Individual decision-making becomes more flexible. The Miracle melts ignorance. This begins to emanate from you and gather like-minded people. Quality is always inner. Until the next Miracle occurs – you change. As everything inevitably changes in the human world, this is not only unavoidable but also joyfully welcome. However frightening the outlook may be today – it will pass. However desirable general wellbeing may be – this too will, unfortunately, pass. Only the absolute Truth is and remains – this, as you are yourself. What is the relationship between the Teacher and the Miracle? One leads to the other. Sometimes could the Miracles be scary or hard to recognise. Therefore, each enriched achievement gradually shapes into the perfect Miracle and each performance into the Absolute that you can believe in. It is an internally perceptible value, rising from self. And here, in turn, there is no longer any contradiction – you represent what you speak. Thus, you are both the message and its bearer.